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We would like to proudly announce the release of our 1/350 Furutaka/Kako kit! This kit is co-developped by 3D-WILD (USA) and its new partner Model Fun Shipyard (Italy), who has extensive experience for design of warship models with tremendous attention and effort on research and accuracy of details. The model kit will be produced and distributed globally and exclusively by 3D-WILD LLC.
Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Dan Kaplan again, for his unconditional help in providing research materials documenting the detailed difference between Furutaka and Kako.

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New Products of Our Partners

The complete 1:350 Scale USS Midway CV-41 1946-55 Conversion Kit Bundle by Trumpeter! The bundle includes everything we have developed up to this point for modelers to build USS Midway with her appearance and Air Wing from 1946 to 1955 based on the Trumpeter kit. The original Trumpeter kit depicts her appearance from 1945 to 1946 before the 1946 modification.

This model kit is designed by Small Designer (Belgium) and manufactured/distributed by 3D-WILD (USA).

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To fans who joined our kit guessing game, congratulations to those who guessed USS Bogue, which can be built either as USS Bogue-class or HMS Attacker-class sister ships!!! Both 1/200 and 1/350 scale kits will be released in Q3 2024!!The new kits are co-developed by 3D-WILD (USA) and its partner Blandy Maquetes Navais (Brazil). We would like to give special thanks to Mr. David Perry for his unconditional support in helping us make a model as accurate as possible!

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What Our Customers Say

Just received Soryu! Top packaging and instructions sheet. The best quality ever seen. --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Soryu kit

Philippe H. (Belgium)

Please excuse my profanity but what a hell of a model your company makes. I have just received you f-18f hornets and im very pleased. I was worth the wait. Thank you for reading this email and keep up the great work. --Buyer of 1/350 F/A-18F kit

Tahmir H. (Pennsylvania, USA)

These aircraft are the best ever.--Buyer of 1/350 USN carrier-based aircraft kits.

Dave M. (New Zealand)

THANKS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE AND SUGGESTIONS, and BTW, the model of the ship itself looks INCREDIBLE! I am very pleased with the quality of the ship kits I ordered. All in all, it has been a good day for me with receipt of my long-awaited merchandise. --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Soryu kit

Douglas H. (Ohio, USA)

I highly recommend this product. I bought 3 sets a couple months ago. UNBELIEVABLE detail...--Buyer of 1/350 IJN carrier-based aircraft kits

Jeanpierre F. (Florida, USA)

I bought both the Akagi and Shokaku and they look awesome! --Buyer of 1/350 Akagi and Shokaku Hangar&Deck Kits

Tim P. (Georgia, USA)

It is wonderful, very well printed, and the booklet of instructions is very clear. I appreciated a lot your recommendations, and my first works on the kit are successful. I enjoy the kit and I think it will be a fantastic addition to my collection. The ship is very superb. --Buyer of 1/350 RN Illustrious kit

Francesco D.A. (Italy)

Many thanks for this kit, it has been well worth waiting for, it`s stunning. May I suggest that you produce a kit of Illustrious`s companion in 1940, HMS Eagle,This would make an interesting kit. Anyway thanks once again for such a great kit. --Buyer of 1/350 RN Illustrious kit

Phil R. (UK)

The body of the ship looks very nice though it should look great next to my warspite and berwick once built...Im happy with the level of detal. Will be ordering oyodo and zuiho soon. --Buyer of 1/350 RN Illustrious kit

Jose P. (Philippines)

I did a quick unboxing, it's definitely a very nice kit. First glance tells me I think the only thing I'll replace are the twin 25mm AA simply because I don't like PE AA, but we'll see. As you can see the kit is pretty much a full meal deal with plenty of extras in case you break one or two parts. --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Tenryu kit

Eric L. (New York, USA)

I began working on the Ryujo model the day it arrived; it's a beautiful piece of engineering and a terrific kit. When compared to other IJN and USN 1/350 scale carrier models, it's actual diminutive size and the model's incredible moldedin details can be truly appreciated. --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Ryujo kit

Scott K. (Ohio, USA)

Just wanted to thank you for putting up with all my questions. I received the kit yesterday and it was well worth the wait. What a beauty! --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Tenryu kit

Steve K. (Pennsylvania, USA)

My Dear Holly: You’ve made my experience with 3D-WILD a warm fuzzy memory. An experience that when I’m asked where to go for parts I say 3D-WILD. Your customer care is absolutely beyond reproach, instead of buyers remorse I feel good and happy about my purchase. --Buyer of 1/350 USN carrier-based aircraft kits

Terry A. (Canada)

Thanks to ThreeD-Wild Miniatures for the beautiful kit, congratulations for the speed and professionalism. a kit of excellent workmanship, full of details that I recommend to all fans of the Japanese world, the only Ryujo 1/350 kit on the market ... high quality. --Buyer of 1/350 IJN Ryujo kit

Andrea T. (Italy)

Thank you so much! Your manufacturer item is so excellent!!--Buyer of 1/350 F-35B kit

Daisuke S. (Japan)

I am very satisfied with the result. More than to finish my USS Iwo Jima. --Buyer of 1/350 F-35B kit

Alexis B. (France)

I’ve been working on my ThreeD-Wild Ryujo for a few weeks now and I do want to give a HUGE shout out to their customer service. Any issue I’ve had with the kit whether it be with instructions, decals or parts, they’ve been extremely helpful in getting me back on track. Thank you!--Buyer of 1/350 IJN Ryujo

Tim P. (Georgia, USA)

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