1:350 IJN Zuiho Light Aircraft Carrier Model Kit

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To IJN aircraft carrier fans, 3D-WILD is proud to announce the release of 1/350 scale Zuiho (1944) model kit! The finished Zuiho has the appearance in 1944 during the Battle off Cape Engano, which is her last battle with the last IJN carrier-based aircraft and a big number of anti-aircraft guns.

--The FIRST & ONLY 1/350 WWII Zuiho CVL model kit commercially available.
--Accurate appearance based on extensive research.
--Made of high-quality 3D-printing resin with rich details
--Kit includes PE/metal parts to further enhance the detail level.
--Full-color instruction booklet and box to improve user experience.
--(Purchase Separately) 18 planes provided and the type/quantity can be decided by the buyer (4 options including A6M5 Zero, B4Y1 Judy, B6N Jill, and D3A2 Val).
--The lead time is around 8-10 weeks. Order early, ship early!
--For modelers who plan to build this Zuiho kit as her sister ship Shoho, please DO NOT buy this kit due to their significant difference in appearance. We will release our 1/350 Shoho (1942) kit in 2023.