1:350 IJN Oyodo Light Cruiser Model Kit

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3D-WILD is proud to announce the release of 1/350 IJN CL Oyodo, a light cruiser with size and displacement of heavy cruisers!!

Oyodo was the LAST light cruiser built by Imperial Japanese Navy, and she also served as the LAST flagship of IJN combined fleet!! Although classified as a light cruiser, Oyodo had a displacement of around 10,000 t, similar to other IJN heavy cruisers! As other of our kits, it is the FIRST & ONLY 1/350 Oyodo kit on the market!

PLEASE NOTE: The current lead time is approximately 2-3 monthsOrder EarlyShip Early!

  • The FIRST & ONLY 1/350 WWII Oyodo model kit commercially available. 
  • The kit has the appearance of CL Oyodo after her 1943 refit as the flagship of the Combined Fleet. 
  • Accurate appearance based on extensive research. 
  • Two E13A "Jake" floatplanes are included in the kit.
  • The kit design is user-friendly with straightforward cleaning-up and assembling steps.
  • Made of high-quality 3D-printing resin with rich details.
  • Kit includes PE/metal parts to further enhance the detail level. 
  • Full-color instruction booklet and box to improve user experience.
  • Both full-hull and waterline version kits are available to fit the needs of different modelers.