January 28, 2023-COMING SOON----3D-WILD is very proud to let fans of aircraft carriers know that we will soon release 1/350 scale kit of the world's largest aircraft carrier ever constructed: the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)!! To be released together with the CVN-78 kit will be the 1/350 scale F-35C and MQ-25 Stingray!
Learning by trial and error, we are now confident to produce large model kits like CVN-78 using right material and equipment! Although she has a huge size, we aim to make the CVN-78 kit have the best detail level that can be achieved with available capability rather than making a large & crude shell. The kit will also feature a detailed hangar that modelers can add LED lights for display.
It will be an expensive kit--but may not be as expensive as people may expect. We have been trying our best to make the kit more affordable to fans & modelers who love this great aircraft carrier!

January 18, 2023-COMING SOON--3D-WILD will soon release 1/350 scale IJN heavy cruiser Furutaka/Kako! This kit can either be built as Furutaka or Kako in 1940-1942, with different parts of the two sister ships both included in the kit!

3D-WILD would like to thank Mr. Dan Kaplan, for his unconditional help to provide research materials documenting the detailed difference between Furutaka and Kako. 😃😃


August 25, 2022--COMING SOON!! 3D-WILD will soon release its first Armor Model Kit--the 1:16 scale WWII German Tank Destroyer Marder III Ausf. M😀😀 We will offer the kit with 3 options for both static model collectors and remote-control tank fans!! Please give us a THUMB UP if you like our box art🥰🥰 Please keep an eye on our website and FB pages!!