About us

3D-WILD LLC. is a company newly found in 2021 in the greater Philadelphia area of the State of Pennsylvania (USA). We specialize in producing high-quality miniatures, dioramas, model kits, and other products for wargamers, modelers and fans of miniatures all over the world. As of today, most of our products are being produced by the most advanced 3D-printers in the 3D-printing industry and are hand-painted (except for model kits) by seasoned artists and modelers.

Currently, our product series and service include but are not limited to the following 4 categories:

A. Professionally painted miniatures for tabletop wargames 

We produce professionally painted high-quality 1/4000 scale WWII and modern warship miniatures sealed in small clear acrylic boxes. Saving the players and collectors from hard work of assembling and painting, our miniature warships are compatible with most tabletop naval games in the current market. Along with our tokens of missiles and aircrafts, our miniatures can bring the tabletop wargames to a higher level which other miniatures can hardly achieve. They also work as nice models for displaying.

To be more detailed, our miniatures currently include the following 3 sub-categories:

A-1. Fleet in Pocket 2020s® Series: 1/4000 scale miniaturized warships & fleets in the current world (year 2020-2029) are available for players to simulate the most up-to-date naval warfare! (Of course, we all love peace and hope none of the naval battles occur in the real world!)



A-2. Fleet in Pocket 1940s® Series: 1/4000 scale miniaturized warships & fleets during the World War II (year 1940-1945) are available for players to simulate the WW II naval battles.


A-3. Our featured tokens & markers for tabletop wargames: Produced for Fleet in Pocket 1940s®/2020s® Series but also compatible with other tabletop wargames in the market, the tokens of aircrafts/missiles/submarines are clear resin cuboids in which hand-painted miniatures are imbedded. 


B. Unique Model Kits different from those in the current market

Our model kits have the features of being small but with great accuracy, rich details and high quality. Our model kits are not only for seasoned modelers who pursue extreme details in their modeling/diorama projects, but also are friendly to modelers with less experience and skills by providing them with detailed instructions which are provided both on the website and along with the model kit packages. 


C.  Finished Dioramas: We proudly produces dioramas and finished models as high-quality ornaments, for fans of wildlife, military, and pop-culture. Most of our dioramas have multiple photos and 360-degree videos, all of which are taken for the real objects instead of being computer graphic simulations, to show you the high level of details which 3D-WILD always pursues. Among the dioramas, our "Self-suspension" Series is the most unique, where very delicate miniatures are "suspending" in the cubes without any visible support. Dioramas of similar ideas and quality can hardly be found elsewhere, if any.

 D.  Customized Products & Service

We provide one-stop service from making an electronic model in the format of STL. or OBJ. and subsequent high-quality 3D-printing, to painting/weathering the miniatures by seasoned artists & modelers, and you choose where to stop! Your intellectual property will be strictly protected, if you let us know that you don't want your designed product be shared with or sold to others. Please send your project design to us at inquiry@3d-wild.com for a quotation.