About us

Making Model Kits which are Novel 'N FUN!

3D-WILD LLC. is a company newly found in 2021 in the greater Philadelphia area of the State of Pennsylvania (USA).

If you have a dream kit which are unavailable on the market, then definitely come to us! Warships, aircraft and tanks, WWII and Modern Era! 3D-WILD produces model kits which are Novel 'n Fun for modelers who are open to new kits and modelling techniques WORLDWIDE! As of today, most of our products are being produced by the most advanced 3D-printers in the 3D-printing industry. 

If you are a 3D-model designer and hope to be our partner, please feel free to contact us too!! We love to work with anyone who is open to new ideas and new ways to sell their great work!

Contact us by email: inquiry@3d-wild.com