1:350 IJN Aichi D1A2 "Susie" kit (pack of 6)


What you get is six 1/350 scale D1A2 biplane unpainted/unassembled models. All the 6 D1A2s have the same configuration and there are 1 configurations to choose from. You also get a large sheet of high-quality decals and there are 36 historically accurate tail codes to choose from! Great for 1/350 IJN aircraft carrier Akagi, Kaga and Hiryu model kits in the market, and 1/350 IJN aircraft carrier Soryu and Ryujo produced by 3D-WILD.

Why you should choose 1/350 scale aircraft kits produced by 3D-WILD? Please read this article. For an example to assemble/paint the 1/350 scale aircrafts produced by 3D-WILD, please read this article