Why choose 1/350 scale aircraft kits produced by 3D-WILD?

The 1/350 scale Aircraft Series model kits produced by 3D-WILD are for modelers who have the passion to build 1/350 scale dioramas such as aircraft carriers, hangars, airports etc. While being completely compatible with other 1/350 scale model kits in the market, 3D-WILD 1/350 aircraft model kits are of high quality which can make themselves star of the dioramas, instead of just being secondary accessories of a project such as an aircraft carrier.

We list 5 good reasons why modelers choose out kits. As an example, we used the configuration A set of 1/350 Aichi Val D3A1 by 3D-WILD to compare with a commercially available kit popular in the current market. Both D3A1s are assembled & painted by the same modeler! 

Reason 1: More accurate shape and details

Reason 2:  Easier assembly to avoid seam-filling

Reason 3: More detailed canopy & cockpit with no PE parts needed

Reason 4: Different configurations to choose for your diorama projects

Reason 5: Vast choice & high accuracy of decals, which is a BIG THING for serious modelers!

While our 1/350 scale aircraft kits have high quality, its robustness is sacrificed to some extent. Compared with many model kits in the market which is made of ABS plastic, our model kits are made of resin which is more fragile. Great attention is needed not to break off the details parts, and skilled modelers are more suitable for our kits. 

For an example to assemble & paint our 1/350 scale aircraft kit, please see this article.