Stickers for Tokens and Miniatures

Stickers for Tokens and Miniatures

Miniatures and tokens produced by 3D-WILD are featured by stickers which are printed with high quality. Put on miniatures and tokens, the stickers can greatly help the gameplay as they make unit identification very straightforward. 

Here is an example where the aircraft/missile tokens are labelled in a modern air warfare tabletop wargame:

 And other example where carrier-based aircrafts are labelled with stickers showing their names and specific types:

 The labelling rule of the stickers for modern weapon/aircraft/ship is detailed in the picture below. While different colors represent different types of weapon launching platforms/targets, aircrafts and ships, the names/user country of the miniatures/tokens are also shown in the stickers. The number of yellow triangles in a weapon sticker represents it approximate range, with 1 triangle for short-range weapons, 2 for middle-range, 3 for long-range, and 4 for very-long-range.

The labelling rule of stickers for WW2 aircrafts/ships is a lot easier and shown in the picture below: