Tokens & Markers

Produced for Fleet in Pocket 1940s®/2020s® Series and other tabletop wargames in the market, the tokens of aircrafts/missiles/submarines are clear resin cuboids in which hand-painted miniatures are imbedded. Except for the submarines which are in 1/4000 scale, the other aircrafts/missile miniatures in the resin cuboids are not following a specific scale.

Sizes of the clear resin tokens: 2cm×2cm×0.5cm or 2.5cm×2.5cm×0.5cm  for small-sized aircrafts, 4cm×4cm×1.2cm for large-sized aircrafts, 4cm×2cm×1cm for submarines, 2cm×1cm×0.5cm for missiles/torpedoes. Each token also comes with a 1.5cm×0.3cm sticker that players can put on the box to help tabletop wargaming.

The non-cuboid markers like fire and water splash are typically confined in 1cm×1cm×1cm cubes.