About the Hangar & Deck model kit series produced by 3D-WILD

About the Hangar & Deck model kit series produced by 3D-WILD

About the Hangar & Deck model kit series produced by 3D-WILD

It is widely accepted that a major part of the power & beauty of an aircraft carrier comes from the aircraft squadrons she carries, and how the squadrons are deployed & parked on the carrier can have such a great impact on the tasks of the carrier which can lead to different results in battles (such as in the Battle of Midway). 

Hangars of aircraft carriers are great topics as diorama projects for modelers, but it has been a pity that very few model kits in the current market are designed & produced for that purpose, unless significantly modified/built from scratch in the hands of very experienced modelers.

3D-WILD's Aircraft Carrier Deck & Hangar Series model kits give the modeler the opportunity to show all the aircrafts she carries and details of her hangar decks, which is very rare to find in the current model kit market if possible. 

To achieve the maximum accuracy, 3D-WILD's "Deck & Hangar Set" series of model kits were designed and produced based on extensive research of the aircraft carrier construction details in history.

The "pillars" supporting the decks have their shapes consistent with the outer surface of the hull of the ship. The main weapons of the aircraft carriers are also at the positions where they are on the ship, and high accuracy of the guns is ensured by extensive research.

Below is an example of our Hanger & Deck Series model kits -- the 1/350 IJN Shokaku Aircraft Carrier (1941-early 1942) Deck & Hangar Set. The kits are designed in the way that most decks do not have to be glued together to assemble them, and the modeler can choose freely which deck(s) to include or to remove based on the need of projects. For an example to assemble & paint the model kits, please read this article.

The last to present is an example diorama, where the IJN carrier Shokaku was preparing to launch the first wave of airstrike on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. The first wave from Shokaku included 27 D3A1 Val dive bombers and 6 A6M2 Zero fighters, along with 6 A6M2s for the role of Combat Air Patrol over the fleet. In the diorama, D3A1s and A6M2 are being lifted up from the hangar decks to the flight deck and waiting to take off. The 27 B5N2 Kate bombers, which will take part in the second wave of airstrike, still have their wings folded and are waiting for their turn to be on the flight deck, after the first wave leaves. 



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