[New Product Release] 1/4000 USA Seventh Fleet Carrier Strike Group Five (Spring 2021)

We proudly announce our first two combo in our Fleet in Pocket 2020s® Series with their page links below. It come with several FREE aircraft tokens for tabletop wargaming!

1/4000 USA Seventh Fleet Carrier Strike Group Five (Spring 2021)

Carrier Strike Group 5, also known as CSG 5, is the U.S. Navy carrier strike group assigned to the United States Pacific Fleet and permanently forward deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet. The Strike Group Flagship is the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) which also embarks Strike Warfare Commander, Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW 5) and its nine squadrons. CV-76 and the 10 surface combatant ships operate out of Yokosuka, Japan, while CVW 5 operates out of Iwakuni, Japan, when not embarked on Ronald Reagan. Together, these units form the U.S. Navy's only continuously forward deployed (and largest) carrier strike group.

This ship combo includes the ships in the Carrier Strike Group Five (CSG 5) as in 2021 Spring. What you get are:

7 Free Aircraft Tokens: randomly chosen from F/A-18E, F/A-18F, EA-18G, E-2D, and MH-60R.

11 Ships: Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier (CVN-76 Ronald Reagan), 3 Ticonderoga-class Cruisers (CG-54 Antietam, CG-62 Chancellorsville, CG-67 Shiloh), 5 Arleigh Burke-class Flight I Destroyers (DDG-52 Barry, DDG-54 Curtis Wilbur, DDG-56 John S. McCain, DDG-65 Benfold and DDG-69 Milius), and 2 Arleigh Burke-class Flight IIA Destroyers (DDG-89 Mustin and DDG-115 Rafael Peralta).  

Each ship of the same class has individually different info label at the bottom of the box. Each ship and aircraft token also comes with a 1.5cm×0.3cm sticker that players can put on the box to help tabletop wargaming.