1:200 WWI IJN Umikaze Destroyer Model Kit

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To Pre-World War I and WWI Navy fans: 3D-WILD is proud to announce the release of 1/350 scale WWI IJN Umikaze Destroyer Model Kit developed by Chuanyu Models!

Historical Background of the ship: The Umikaze-class destroyers were a class of two destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. They were the first large destroyers designed for open ocean service to be built in Japan. Designed after the Russo-Japanese War, the Umikaze ships were rated at first-class destroyers on 28 August 1912, and served to 1 June 1930 when both were converted to minesweepers. Both were subsequently scrapped in 1936.

Thanks to the strategic partnership between 3D-WILD and Chuanyu Models, 3D-WILD is proud to offer the warship kits of Chuanyu Models to fellow modelers with lower price and better after-sale service than others can!!

PLEASE NOTE: The time for the buyer to receive the kit is around 6 weeksOrder EarlyShip Early!


  • The FIRST & ONLY 1:200 IJN Umikaze Destroyer model kit commercially available. The approximate length of the finished model is 50 cm. 
  • Made of high-quality 3D-printing resin.
  • Kit includes a large number of PE/metal parts to further enhance the detail level.