1:350 IJN Furutaka Kako Heavy Cruiser Model Kit

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We would like to proudly announce the release of our 1/350 Furutaka/Kako kit! The Furutaka-class cruisers were a class of two heavy cruisers which saw service with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Both vessels of this class were sunk in 1942 during the Guadalcanal campaign.
This kit is under co-development by 3D-WILD (USA) and its new partner Model Fun Shipyard (Italy). The kit will have not only all the positive features of 3D-WILD's previously released 1/350 warship kits, but also have a higher level of detail in design thanks to the joint development effort with Model Fun Shipyard. Model Fun Shipyard, based in Italy, has extensive experience for design of warship models with tremendous attention and effort on research and accuracy of details. The model kit will be produced and distributed globally and exclusively by 3D-WILD LLC.
Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Dan Kaplan again, for his unconditional help in providing research materials documenting the detailed difference between Furutaka and Kako.


  • The kit offers different parts for Furutaka and Kako which give options to modelers to build the kit as either one of the two sisterships of Furutaka-class.
  • A discounted price for 2 kits is offered to modelers who want to build both Furutaka and Kako.
  • Both full-hull and waterline versions are available.
  • Made of high-quality 3D-printing resin with rich details
  • Kit includes PE/metal parts to further enhance the detail level.
  • Full-color instruction booklet and box to improve user experience.

The lead time is around 8 weeks. Order early, ship early!