1:200 WWII Japanese Navy Zao Design B-65 Super Type A Cruiser Model Kit


To IJN fans, particularly "WHAT IF" IJN fans: 3D-WILD is proud to announce the release of 1/200 scale IJN Design B-65 Super Type A Cruiser "Zao" model kit developed by Chuanyu Models! For warship fans who build and collect "what if" ships, this one is definitely a must-have!!

Historical Info of this "Super Heavy Cruiser": The IJN planned to eventually replace the four Kongō battleships with four heavy, "super" cruisers, intended to counter the threat posed by the Alaska-class cruisers. As envisioned by the IJN in 1936, these ships, the B-65 cruisers, would mount 310 mm (12.2 in) guns, carry armor designed to withstand hits from 203mm (8 in) shells, and be capable of speeds up to 40 knots. Although classified as "super heavy cruisers", they have larger size and displacment (35,000t) than many WWII battleships. As the war progressed, however, strategic requirements further delayed the plans for the two cruisers. In the end, the B-65s' plans were never finalized and no contracts for their construction were ever placed.

Thanks to the strategic partnership between 3D-WILD and Chuanyu Models, 3D-WILD is proud to offer the warship kits of Chuanyu Models to fellow modelers with lower price and better after-sale service than others can!!
PLEASE NOTE: The time for the buyer to receive the kit is 4-6 weeksOrder EarlyShip Early!


  • The FIRST & ONLY 1/200 IJN Design B-65 Super Type A Cruiser model kit commercially available. The approximate length of the finished model is 63.5cm. 
  • RC modification compatible!! Experienced modelers can add motors, servos and other electronic accessories to make it a fully remote-controllable ship!
  • Made of high-quality 3D-printing resin.
  • Kit includes a large number of PE/metal parts to further enhance the detail level.