1:16 German Tank Destroyer Marder III Ausf. M, Sd.Kfz.138 Remote Control Model Kit

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To modelers/collectors of 1:16 scale WWII armor model kits and RC tank hobbyists, we are proud to produce the 1:16 scale Marder III Ausf. M WWII German Tank Destroyer model kit! The kit can be built as either a static model or a RC model. For details such as materials and functions, please check our product video here

Three options of the kits we provide for customers with different preferences:

(1) Basic Kit: for modelers who build the kit as a static model, and RC players who have knowledge and skill to install their own RC components.

(2) RC Kit A: for RC players who need the fighting compartment with full interior details. The RC working shooting system is sacrificed. 

(3) RC Kit B: for RC players who need the RC working shooting system. The fighting compartment with full interior details is sacrificed.

PLEASE NOTE that the model is NOT a RTR model!! You need to assemble the kit following our instructions and paint the model before it is RTR. The estimated time needed to assemble the kit for the first time is around 4-8 hours, depending on your skill level.  

 The lead time is around 8-10 weeks. ORDER EARLY, SHIP EARLY!!