[New Product Line Open] 1:350 Warship Detail Upgrade Sets!

To 1/350 warship fans: Chuanyu Models authorizes 3D-WILD LLC. to be its only distributor in North America and now their amazing detail upgrade kits become available on our website! We will keep releasing a lot more products for the rest of September so please keep an eye on us! Also please feel free to inquire if we have anything you need for your warship under construction!
Everything is now in US stock and can be shipped in 1-2 business days. If the stock becomes empty, we need around 2-3 weeks to fulfill your order. Limited quantity in US stock, so please order yours quick!
The first few sets available are the detail upgrade sets for 1/350 Yamato, Bismarck, Langley, Montana and Indianapolis, and more! We also offer generic parts such as AA guns, railings, ladders, anchors, chains, paravanes, and so on!
Please click here for more details.