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3D-WILD proudly produces different series of model kits for modelers to assemble and paint following the kit instructions. Our model kits have the features of being small but with great accuracy, rich details and high quality. Our model kits are not only for seasoned modelers who pursue extreme details in their modeling/diorama projects, but also are friendly to modelers with less experience and skills by providing them with detailed instructions which are provided both on the website and along with the model kit packages. For some examples to assemble & paint our model kits, please go over our resource articles.

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1:350 CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier Cutaway of Bridge Section
  • From $19.00
1:350 IJN Akagi Aircraft Carrier Deck & Hangar Set
  • From $69.00
1:350 IJN Shokaku Aircraft Carrier Deck & Hangar Set
  • From $64.00