Gemsbok (Oryx gazella)

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This diorama is one of our "3D-WILD Safari" Series products, in which the dioramas include miniaturized land animals and environment such as river, lake, grassland, desert etc. to pursue a high level of realism. 

  • In the Diorama: (A) A juvenile gemsbok is standing very close to his mother, who is taking a rest, to feel safe in the arid regions of Southern Africa. (B) A female and a male gemsbok. In males horns tend to be thicker with larger bases. Females have slightly longer, thinner horns. (C) A bull, two cows and a juvenile form a small group of gemsboks. (D) Female gemsbok use their horns to defend themselves and their offspring from predators, while males primarily use their horns to defend their territories from other males. In this diorama, two males are sparring on a dune in the desert of Southern Africa.
  • Miniature Scale: 1:16 for (A), (B) and (C). 1:32 for (D).
  • Dimensions: For (A)(B) and (C), the "shoulder height" of a standing adult gemsbok is about 7.5cm. For (D), the dimensions are 9.5cm×9.5cm (length & width of the wooden base)×6.7cm (from the highest point of the miniature to the bottom of the wooden base).
  • Material: Environment-friendly polymers such as acrylic and resin. Nothing is made from any animal or plant source.
  • Photos and Videos: All are taken for the real objects instead of being computer software simulations.
  • Packing: The packing & shipping will be done in a very safe way to protect the fragile miniatures.

Note: In the actual diorama you get, there could be slight differences for the position/orientation/appearance of the miniatures compared with those in the pictures and videos. The quality of the product will be the same.