1:350 IJN Shokaku Aircraft Carrier Deck & Hangar Set

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This model kit is one of 3D-WILD's featured Deck & Hangar Series kits. About our Deck & Hangar Series model kits, please read this article

Completed shortly before the start of the Pacific War in 1941, the IJN Shōkaku and Zuikaku were the most successfully designed aircraft carriers of Imperial Japanese Navy. With the exception of the Battle of Midway, they participated in every major naval action of the Pacific War, including the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Indian Ocean Raid, the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Guadalcanal Campaign, and the Battle of the Philippine Sea during which Shōkaku was sunk.

The modelers have the option to buy one set from the 5 sets 1~5 depending on his/her preference, or the full set which includes all 5 sets at a discounted price. The instructions are included in the kit package. For an example of how the Deck & Hangar model kit can be assembled and painted, please read this article