1:350 CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier Cutaway of Bridge Section

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3D-WILD would like to announce its new product release for Veteran's Day 2021--1/350 scale CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan Bridge Section Cutaway model kit, a very-high quality gift for US Navy fans! Currently the lead time is 4 weeks.


  • Dimensions after assembly are 17(L)×25(W)×21(H)(cm), great for modelers who like USN aircraft carriers but have not enough space for display (Basic kit)
  • Highly detailed flight deck, hanger and ceilings (Basic kit)
  • One Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactor and Two steam turbines (Basic kit)
  • Key sensors including SPS-48E 3-D air search radar, SPS-49A(V)1 2-D air search radar, SPQ-9B fire control radar, SPN-46 air traffic control radars, SPN-43C air traffic control radar and Mk 95 radars (Basic kit)
  • Around 130 rooms where 1/350 scale furniture and equipment can be placed (Basic kit)
  • Twelve aircraft produced by 3D-WILD featured by rich details, clear canopies, pilots in cockpit, changeable air-launched weapons, and accurate decals for squadrons deployed on CVN-76. The 12 aircraft include F/A-18E, F/A-18F, EA-18G and E-2C/D (the same as 3D-WILD's aircraft sets sold separately) where the aircraft/quantity the buyer can decide based on his/her need (Additional $79)
  • Around 330 pieces of 1/350 scale furniture and equipment such as computers, missiles, cabinets, shelves, berths, tables, chairs and sofas (Additional $39)
  • LED lights and battery pack that can light up the hangar and engine room. The electronics are well hidden in the model and no external wire/switch can be seen (Additional $39)